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Chef Karl & Paula harvest their own honey for the restaurant.


“All chefs want their own restaurant,” Karl states. “It’s the ultimate goal.” One that serves up delicious food, paired with a glass of wine or beer made in house,and enjoyed while watching a 1,000 foot-long freighter floating by - that’s Karl’s Cuisine, Winery and Brewery! Wife Paula confirms with “That’s a celebration of fresh food, wine and beer!”


Paula works alongside Karl in all aspects of the business. Their three children and spouses, son Elliot and wife Beth, daughter Lily and husband Jared and son Charlie and wife Torie have helped their parents run the business as well. Lily is the manager of the winery and brewery and her husband Jared is Head Chef. Elliot and Beth recently moved back to the Great North and Beth is now their office manager.


Karl and Paula are dedicated to their responsibility to serve fresh, wholesome, grass fed, wild caught, free trade and locally grown food as much as possible. They not only work with local farmers, they also run Wildwood Farm. Wildwood Farm has 40 acres of land that boasts a small vineyard, heirloom hops, large gardens, an apple orchard, and honey bees. They not only use the vegetables and fruits at the café but plan to incorporate them in their future adventure “Superior Coast Cuisine.” Karl and Head Chef Jared are developing recipes that use fresh ingredients and their own wine and beer to package and provide to their customers.


Think Local - Buy Local - Be Local. Karl and Paula work with Michigan State University Extension and Northern Initiatives, a Community Development Financial Institution, to help them continue to grow in their business. They are committed to promoting local farmers, grocery and health food stores, the
community and state as a whole. Their wonderful organic free trade coffee comes from and can be purchased at the local health food store, Harmony Health. Katie Eberts, a local artist from Hessel, designed all the art work you see on this menu.


Karl and Paula believe it’s important to invest back into the community by supporting their employees, local charities, schools, and community and religious organizations. Between the winery and the increased operations with the brewery, 14 new jobs were created. Today the business supports 25 employees. More than half of these employees are the head of the household and depend on the living wage this small business provides. Most of the remaining part-time employees are college students. All the employees take pride in their job and Karl and Paula value them and truly feel they are like family and treat them as such.


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